Friday, August 28, 2020

Couple to re-brand local gas station, will provide custom goods and organic fuel sourced from local dinosaurs.


     The Summit gas station on Section street will become the newest Fairhope business to get the fancy treatment after recently being taken over by owners Tab and Sky Fox Pendergrass, recent Fairhope transplants who just arrived from Toronto. The couple has changed the name to DiesL and emptied the store of all contents before bringing in an array of special curated goods to entice health conscious tourists. First and foremost, all fuel will be replaced to gasoline extracted from gulf coast dinosaurs that were raised on quinoa and a prehistoric version of Craft Beer. For those with Tesla's or other battery run vehicles there will be charging stations as well, with a private stage featuring concerts from local bands 24/7 to serenade you as you wait. Inside you may find local made cheese from Elberta, Leg of Honey Bee from Foley, or the very best Robert out of Robertsdale.  If you're in need of coffee Refuge Coffee will be opening a third location within Diesl and also a fourth location outside closer to the pumps. Reservations are already booked for the remainder of 2020.

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