Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Fairhope Witches Ride to resume as normal, requires witches to remain 1 "Broomstick" apart.


The annual Fairhope Witches Ride held each October to benefit animals in need has announced it's return in 2020. The sellout event takes place downtown where hundreds of costumed witches take to the streets on their "brooms" while tossing candy and occasionally taking a spill or two. Many speculated if the event will take place in 2020 as the year grows stranger each month. Many rejoiced however, once the event announced that it will return with a few new rules added for safety amid the Pandemic. For starters, each witch will remain 1 Broomstick away from each other for the ride. For sanitary reasons, Witches must rinse their mouths and digestive tracts with 1oz of Patron brand (a sponsor this year) Tequila twice per hour as well. Instead of tossing candy to spectating children, this year kids can opt to hold up signs with their Venmo accounts and Witches may choose to send them small change through the app. Tickets go on sale soon and are expected to go quickly, as usual. Don't get left behind!

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