Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Irish Pub O'Gambino's set to open after local restaurateur discovers 1% Irish heritage.


A long time staple of Fairhope's restaurant scene Gambino's has been gracing our palates with fine Italian dining for decades. Now, we may soon see the Gambino take on Irish fare after one cousin got some shocking news on his genetic test results. It turns out that the Gambino family comes from a long line of Irish settlers who dropped the "O" after a mix up on Ellis Island. It came as quite the surprise to the restaurateur who spent years perfecting traditional Italian cuisine at his many restaurants. To honor his Irish heritage, he plans to open a new Irish Pub downtown on Section with all your Irish Classics such as: Linguine in a rich beer bath, Bangers & Meatballs, Pint O' Whiskey, and Fish n' Chips (the fish is calamari and the "chips" are also Linguine). Expect the grand opening by St. Patty's Day 2022.

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