Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Fairhope teen tagging "Love is Evol" everywhere awarded Pulitzer Prize and honorary Philosophy degree from Yale.


Every generation will see at least one great artist arise and leave his mark on all future generations. 2021 was the year that great artist decided to peek out of the shadows of where he lay, showing us a glimpse of what may come in the next decade. Love. Is. Evol. That's right. Something as innocent as the idea of Love, once flipped around, becomes the opposite of innocence. This artist did not stop there however, but then transformed what was once the letter "O" onto a peace sign. How many ideas can be fit into one simple word? Perhaps our minds have not evolved enough to uncover the other metaphors here. The artist who remains anonymous, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize this week for this piece and Yale University has given him an honorary degree in philosophy. Not only that, the artist has been named Poet Laureate for 2021 and all remaining years on earth until the sun burns out and we are consumed by the cold. 

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