Monday, April 24, 2023

New Fairhope ordinance to require all dogs to be placed in stroller or Baby Bjorn within city limits at all times.


The Fairhope City Council voted unanimously on a bill to make dog strollers and backpack style carriers mandatory for all dogs within city limits. Mayor Sullivan stated that the new ordinance was not only about the safety of pets and pedestrians, but more so because "they're so stinkin' cute being packed around like a wittle ittle baby puppy wuppy.". For larger breed Poodle Variations a wheelbarrow or any other wheeled gadget will also be considered within the law depending on how cute the dog looks in the carrier. Although it is not required, the Council also suggests little sweaters or hats for all dogs as well. Those who choose to not follow the new rule and force their pet to walk on their own little legs like a cruel, evil villain from a Disney movie, Fairhope Police will forcibly send the pet to The Haven and put it up for adoption. 

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