Thursday, May 4, 2017


New Fairhope Restaurant Shux located on the Fairhope pier had an ingenious idea to deliver downtown eaters to their out of the way eatery... The Shux Shuttle. By using their golf cart to deliver patrons from downtown they offered an exciting trip to the disabled, elderly, and pretty much anyone that didn't want to tumble down the Fairhope avenue hill.

It has been said by some that others have also taken advantage of this opportunity.  Reporters at TFI have reports that Wintzell's has been disguising a similar golf cart in order to deliver Shux customers to Wintzell's instead. Some of the elderly customers never even knew the switch that took place. This might have gone unnoticed too, but they may have taken even further. Reports have come in that a disguised shuttle has even posted up outside the pier on some nights awaiting Shux customers leaving the restaurant and vows to take them back to their vehicle only to deliver them straight to Wintzells. Suzanne Trogby tells TFI "I had just finished eating two dozen oyster and a margarita and I just wanted to go home... The next thing I knew I was at Wintzell's with no way back to my car. I thought I guess I'll just get dessert!".

Though numerous complaints to the City have been made nothing was taken seriously until this week when Thomas Hospital reported several patients and visitors missing. Apparently the parking lot shuttle has been seen delivering people to Wintzell's which leaves the conspiracy theory open. All we know is that Wintzell's has been oddly full of customers in gowns hooked up to IVs.


  1. I call b.s. on this story. Fake news.

  2. False! Someone should be in trouble for posting this garbage!

  3. It's satire...laugh a little.

  4. Lol...I wonder if their butts stuck to the seats?


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