Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Possum Salad Chick opening an Elberta location.

     Tammy Schroader, an Elberta resident, has finally made her lifelong passion a career by opening the new 'Possum Salad Chick in downtown Elberta. Tammy is known all over Baldwin county for her delicious concoctions made from seasonal "pavement meats" sourced only in South Baldwin. Possum Salad Chick was inspired by Fairhope's Locals eatery who specializes in organic whole foods supplied locally. Tammy took their idea a step further by providing local meats and also ridding the community of pests as well as cleaning the roadways. 

     For years, Elberta residents who know Tammy would all gather together at her residence every Saturday night to get a piece of her special home fixin's. Sometime it would be Squirrel Stew, other times 'Dillo Dumplins, but nothing drew a crowd like her famous Possum Salad. She wouldn't let us in on the recipe, but did give us a few pointers on the preparation of good Possum: She tells TFI

Tammy Schroeder, Owner.
"You gotta boil him first to get the hair off. You can use that hair now for socks. The tail is pretty tough so that gets cut off and used as a switch for the disciplinin' the kids. One tip for you is to hunt for pavement meat on roads the tourist travel as our big trucks down here don't leave no meat left once their smashed. You gotta find roads these Yankees be drivin' their Prius's down. A Prius leaves plenty a meat."

The Possum Salad Chick will have their grand opening this Saturday opening 8-5 with live music by the Deliverance Banjo Boys, door prizes, and free Frog Chips for the kids. They will also be giving samples of Possum Salad in 45 flavors including Ranch, Curry, and "Sister's Kisses".


  1. Wha.....t?! I'm not sure whether tolaugh or cry

  2. Please tell me this is satire.

  3. Thought this was crazy funny!! Until I read "white supremacy" at the bottom. that is SO not funny, it is disgusting.


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