Monday, August 7, 2017

Missing couple found alive after reportedly lost driving in Lake Forest Subdivision for 11 days

Monday afternoon a Daphne resident reported to authorities that a man and woman were partially nude and going through his mailbox in the Lake Forest subdivision. When police arrived they discovered the elderly male and female were the visiting parents of a Daphne family that had been reported missing nearly 2 weeks prior.

Tommy Glisson and his wife Judith were traveling from Columbus Ohio, with intentions of seeing their sons new home purchased in Lake Forest recently. Tommy told TFI "I was using my GPS robot, but when I got in to that darn neighborhood it started smoking!". The couple tried calling their daughter in law as well, but Judith had just upgraded to an iPhone 7, and did not quite trust Siri just yet.

Jump to 11 days later. The Glissons had long since run out of fuel and food. They soon resorted to foraging through mailboxes eating utility bills and the occasional Blue Apron package. The hunger and solitude did not help their mental state either. They were found nearly nude, only covered in tribal markings made with motor oil. They slept in pot-holes to stay safe.

Although the Glissons have been reunited with their family, the search continues. Tommy has reported that they encountered several other lost families during their escapade in Lake Forest. He says lost visitors have joined together in large tribes that protect each other as they try to find their way out of the labyrinth . They say some have been wondering the Forest since 1991.


  1. The struggle is real...after 6 years I still leave bread crumbs when traveling through Lake Forest!

  2. Get on Ridgewood Drive and if you miss any streets to get out of the subdivision you can go for a very long time. My grandchildren call it the road that never ends.

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  4. *wandering

    ". . . some have been [wandering] through Lake Forest since 1991."

    If you are not careful people will begin to question the story's validity. :)

  5. You are hilarious. How do I get notifications of your latest blogs?


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