Monday, August 7, 2017

Southerners to start harvesting delicious Crepes from ripening Crepe Myrtles

Growing up in The South brings fond memories of a variety of dishes exclusive to to each area. For the southern coast we tend to think of Fried Chicken, Country Ham, Collard Greens, and of course Crepes. The thin pancake like pastry has long roots in the south and Mark Twain described them as "Flippety floppety little frisbees of delight!".
The Crepe Myrtle Tree

This last decade however has seen the Crepe slowly disappearing from brunch menus. That's because the Crepe Myrtle, the tree found in the warm Alabama climate, has been robbed of its most precious asset. Crepe Myrtles used to be to most abundant tree in Alabama, but mass harvests following the "Crepe Boom" in Europe depleted the tree by 90% on the gulf coast.

With good guidance by local dendrophiles the tree has made a surprising comeback this decade. The harvesting of the Crepes, which consist of pruning large branches and slicing them into thin layers, will be controlled as not to disturb the tree population. Local restaurants are already starting to prepare new recipes to the delight of many.

For many great Crepe recipes, we have included the link to Google so you can search for them:

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