Monday, October 30, 2017

Middle Aged Fairhope Man suddenly becomes "Hip" upon discovering local clothing store Adrenaline.

Peter Thomas Williams, a resident of Fairhope, considered himself a happy man. He had a loving wife and three children that were growing up way too fast. He spent his teenage years in Fairhope cruising the street in his Camaro and sailing with his buddies on Mobile Bay every weekend. He considered himself a really Cool guy. Lately though, it seems that his teenage kids no longer want to hang out or hear his really funny jokes. Even his wife Theresa has started doing his shopping to keep him from just buying "what the mannequin was wearing".

This isn't even a model. Just a customer looking cool.
All of this was weighing heavy on Peter as he began his daily jog from Running Wild several weeks ago. He ran his usual route that day, but as he returned through downtown he glimpsed the brightly colored building that houses the clothing store Adrenaline. He realized that he has never ventured inside although all the hip looking youngsters seem to gather there. Little did he know that his life was about to change...

What he found inside was miles apart from his traditional JC Penny's. This place was hip, with unique and trendy clothing, but also skateboards and accessories. By the time Peter Williams, now known as "Fire Lit Fam on Fleek", exited the store he was a new man. Adorned in his skateboard gear and armed with a custom longboard he rolled up to Running Wild where his friends sat in awe of his new appearance. "Guess I won't be needing these, Fam." he called out as he tossed his New Balance running shoes to the crowd. One witness claims that he then took a sip from his new Camelbak Backpack then rode down Fairhope Avenue hill into the sunset screaming "Yolo!". The women in the crowd were reportedly looking "Thirsty" afterwards.

Peter did in fact roll down the Fairhope Avenue hill on his longboard, and he did look very cool while doing it. Unfortunately, he crashed directly into the fountain by the pier and suffered major injuries to his shoulder, neck, and his pride. Despite this he has yet to give up his new lifestyle. Living out the last few weeks in a hospital bed has given Peter the chance to do things he never had time for, like opening a Snapchat account and become
fluent in emoji language. His Instagram account has even reached tens of followers, almost 33  by today. Peter's struggle has brought his family     closer he tells us. He just wishes he discovered Adrenaline sooner.

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