Thursday, November 2, 2017

Maloney promises to not only take your calls personally, but will even call you before the accident even happens

Mobile attorney David J. Maloney is famous in south Alabama for his advertisements and his promise to provide every customer with one-on-one support. Some televised commercials invite you into his home, where you see David rising early to start personally calling his customers to help them battle the wicked insurance companies. Helping the little man is David's passion, which started at a young age. In fact, he is so passionate about helping people that he has increased his workday to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

This may seem detrimental to most humans with a family and a business, but the effects of his insomnia have put him in the news for something quite amazing: His newfound Psychic abilities.
Several residents of Baldwin and Mobile counties reported the news outlets that they were receiving phone calls from the law offices of Maloney about rendering legal services for future catastrophic events. One witness tells TFI that he was told about an impending accident between himself and a semi-truck on highway 90. He reportedly dismissed the call as a prank, but several days later had indeed been struck by a large truck hauling chickens.

We don't yet know how far reaching Maloney's powers are, but as of now his office is defending thousands of clients for cases as far away as June, 2026. Cases are already being fought in court between his team and large insurance companies who welcome the scenario. To them, the ability to get the legal battles of the next decade over with now help them with budgeting and puts stockholders at ease knowing what lies ahead. 

The nation's top scientist are studying the case and are intrigued. Some of them have even concluded that David Maloney will soon bypass telephones altogether and start contacting clients within their own mind.

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