Saturday, October 7, 2017

Step up your game for the upcoming Witches Ride with these ideas!

1. The "Two-Face B&%ch Witch"-

      Good for when you need to be a little nice and a little naughty. Take your communion before the Witches ride and then head straight to Tongue & Groove without any costume change!

2. Go Cinematic- 

Take your costume straight from Hollywood. Just remember to pick a bike friendly dress or get laid out like the wicked witch of the west....

3. Reveal you inner Goth- 

You know you always wanted to break out the all black wardrobe, lipstick, and spiked necklaces, but you knew your parents would kill you. Now you have your chance! Just be sure to buy an album by The Cure for research.

 4. The Cosplay style witch-

Start meticulously crafting your outfit from scratch now and you may be ready for the Witches Ride in 2019.

 5. For the Lazy....

 6. Sexy Witch-

Why should Sorority aged girls get to have all the fun? You just spent the last 5 years changing diapers and multi-tasking enough to make any mortals brain catch fire. It's a great opportunity to throw on that short skirt and show everyone those quads you've built in Crossfit all summer.

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