Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Local author John Woods publishes epic tale of the Gayfer Roundabout in his new novel "The World Turns Right: A Gayfer Roundabout Memoir".

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the roundest of times, it was the age of turning right, it was the epoch of the Gayfer Roundabout.". This is how John Woods latest Novel "The World Turns Right" begins. It is an epic saga recounting the construction of the Gayfer Roundabout from it's humble beginning and throughout it's dramatic lifespan. The 1,251 page historical fiction is in reality based off mostly true events that will will keep you on the edge of your seat and end with you wanting more.

The tale follows the lives of 5 Fairhopers during the year of 2017. The 5 characters include a City Councilman, a Bulldozer worker who's secretly in love with his co-worker, a resident near the roundabout, a concrete worker who secretly just wants to dance, and a talking cat who is battling depression and suicidal thoughts. The character development is astounding, and by the end you will feel as though each character is a part of your family.

Woods recently held a book signing and lecture about the novel at Fairhope Public Library. There, one fan asked about the ending of the novel since the actual roundabout hasn't yet been completed. Woods replied that he did have to make some creative guesses on how to end the book without straying too far from the truth. In his novel, the construction is finally completed on Christmas day, and as the first Land Rover circles around the traffic circle, LeRoy throws down his hard hat and dances his heart out, and nearby a certain talking cat who happened to be watching from afar, decided that life... was worth living.

The book has exploded this week with much acclaim. The City has not complained either, and in fact has made a mighty profit. The popularity of the roundabout has led the City to rent out the center space in the circle for weddings, parties, and other social event. As of now the circle is booked solid for years to come.

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