Wednesday, October 18, 2017

With all of the Mobilians moving to Fairhope, City plans to utilize a ferry system to haul them to work and back across the bay.

                                                                                If you've ever had to travel from Fairhope to Mobile any morning you've probably experienced you're fair share of traffic induced temper tantrums. From the 150 red lights you're certain to catch on business 98, to non blinker using demon drivers, and of course some semi truck full of Tarantulas that crashed into the Tunnel or whatever almost comical incident it is this week.  With Fairhope's ever growing population more and more people are making the commute every morning too. Just last year Mobile's population decreased by 8%, while Baldwin County's population increased by... you guessed it, 8%. This conundrum has many people looking for a better way of commuting.

This week talks began in the City about possibly purchasing a ferry to launch from the recently established Fairhope Docks giving Mobile workers an easier form of transportation. The rumors lead us to believe that the ferry will launch every hour starting at 6 a.m, travelling back and forth to Mobile. The ferry will actually run a route that will go out of the way to travel alongside the Bayway. This is so that the passengers can stand alongside the starboard and make fun of the cars stuck in traffic. The ferry will be armed with a special "La Cucaracha" themed horn to rub it in even further. 

When the Mobile workers clock out for the day, the ferry will be there to greet them and carry them back home. For the $6 boarding fee (or $120 yearly Pass) passengers get a complimentary Moon Pie for their 20 min trip, and not the Banana flavor either. The only complaint some Fairhopers have is the large increase in traffic that will occur on Sea Cliff drive. Many residents on Sea Cliff drive have even scraped their funds together to start a trolley service that runs from Downtown Fairhope to Fairhope docks. The trolley will depart every hour to transport the workers and will charge $4, but will offer complimentary coffee and tea. 

This will surely create a catastrophe for the parking situation downtown when the commuters begin parking to board the trolley. Mobile has offered the solution of letting Fairhopers have access to it's parking garages downtown. The City of Mobile will even utilize it's retired Greyhound buses to transport the Fairhopers from the Mobile parking lots back to Fairhope Downtown, where they'll board the trolley, which will take them to the Ferry, who will transport them to Mobile again. The whole process may take up to 6 hours one way and cost $75 per trip, but is well worth staying out of the traffic some say.

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  1. That's nice, I'm tired of driving all the way to Fort Morgan to catch the ferry to Dauphin Island. Maybe in the mean time I should try 225 to Bayminette?


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