Friday, November 24, 2017

Bill-E teams up with Fairhope Brewing to produce Bacon infused Wine "S'Wine".

Bacon Master William E. Stitt has a passion for pork. A vendetta for pancetta. An achin' for bacon. On the other side of town Fairhope brewery brainstorms to find exciting new ways to your buzz more delicious. Now, after all these years the two have finally got together to produce something amazing, and offensive to both Vegans and Baptists.

The obvious choice was to produce a bacon flavored beer, but that has been done before. What the world hasn't seen was a bacon wine though, and this gave Fairhope Brewing a perfect opportunity to dive into the wine world, hooves first. The secret to the S'Wine is a pairing of thick cut, applewood smoked bacon, and an oaky but mellow chardonnay. Not only is the wine stored in oak barrels with slabs of smoked bacon, but the grapes are even smashed by three hogs fitted with special wine crushing flippers.

The wine barrels have been aging at this point for nearly one year. They should be ready to be bottled and consumed by March next year, and will sell exclusively at Red or White in Fairhope and Mobile. Local sommelier Charles Farquard has sampled the wine from the barrels and has given it a stunning review. For anyone who plans to purchase a bottle or five, he recommends it be paired with a delicate veal, rack of lamb, or perhaps a hot dog loaded with pimento cheese and bacon

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