Monday, November 27, 2017

Fairhope teens devastated by recall of all Land Rovers

As of Wednesday the car manufacturer Land Rover has issued a mass recall of all Land Rover and Range Rover models and is discontinuing overseas distribution. The recent news has Fairhope teenage girls spiraling into deep depression. The cause of the recall is still a mystery but the effects are already destroying the lives of many locals. One teen, Madisynn Brookshire Mcpewterschmidt, age 16, spoke to TFI today about the situation: "So I literally have no idea how I can go on right now. Literally. You just don't understand what it's like for me... *tears roll down from each eye* I'm having to drive my dad's Beemer, it's a 2003!".

The Range Rover model is especially fundamental for many teens in this area due to its rugged wheelbase and all terrain versatility. You can, for example, drive it to school in the morning on pavement and then in the evening navigate through you friends driveway consisting of terrifyingly loose gravel. The Land Rover is also ranked high for its numerous cup holders to hold phones, change, and occasionally the pumpkin spice macchiato with ease.

Several teens have expressed their feelings via social media using an assortment of emojis going as far as to use the 😭and the 😰. TFI be awaiting any breaking news on the matter.

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