Friday, December 8, 2017

Fairhope's New Year's Eve celebration to be held in Birmingham this year

To compensate for the ever growing crowds at the downtown New Year's Eve party, the city council has motioned to move the event to downtown Birmingham near the Sloss furnaces. Of course, careful consideration has been taken into account with Birmingham's administration who plans to move their Downtown New Year's Eve event to Montgomery due to decreasing crowds the last two years.
The switch works out well for both cities and both city councils celebrated the deal with congratulatory slaps on the back and California sparkling wine. Only Montgomery seems to have come out with a raw deal, who as agreed by our city council will move their New Year's Eve event to Bucatuna, MS.
Residents in Bucatuna are happy to welcome the city of Montgomery this year though, and the "Under The C" local seafood restaurant is expected to hit record high profits that night.
Bucatuna residents themselves will move their New Years Eve "Tuna Drop" to June 2017.
Fairhope will not be empty December 31st though. We will rename their event "A Snowbird Celebration" as we welcome our friends from up north and let them organize the events for downtown Fairhope While the Fairhopers are in B'ham. For those who plan to stick around here, expect activities such as "putting the cheese on pie", telling tales about 3 feet of snow, and the dropping of the Aaron Rodgers piñata.

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