Monday, December 18, 2017

Questions get raised about Moe's BBQ and its close proximity to Alligator Alley.

Deep into the woods of the Eastern Shore, tucked deep into the Alabama bayou, sits the ES location of Moe's Original BBQ. Hidden from tourists, Moe's planted itself next to the "Alligator Walk" in Daphne where gators can be seen throughout the summer months. The question is, why would such an amazing BBQ joint hide itself away in no man's land?

It's no uncommon thing to see gator on the menu on the gulf coast. Alligator Bites, Tail, and fried gator are novelty items on many menu's in our restaurants. Has anyone tried BBQ'd Alligator served Bama Style on a bun though? If Moe's isn't already serving this up, then maybe its missing out on a perfect opportunity. I mean, there's probably gators on the back porch just waiting for a smoked chicken to get tossed out anyway. Might as well make use of them.!

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