Thursday, January 18, 2018


Fairhope, Alabama, the quiet town mostly known for it's low crime rates and high quality of living, has recently undergone a big change. Locals have been notifying Fairhope PD about a possible new Gang flooding social media with their takeover of Fairhope. More and more we're seeing this organization calling themseles "The Delta" flashing their gang signs around town. We think the term Delta, which is symbolic of a Triangle, was chosen to signify the "3 Pillars" of the Delta Gang lifestyle, which is: Lattes, Wine, and Stuntin' on Haters.

Even now when driving around downtown Fairhope or at the beach, you can see large clusters of the "Deltas" marking their territory. If an opposing gang is seen in their territory, it can lead to an all out brawl. Just last week a group of unknowing Tri-Sigmas got beaten up badly when they tried to take a selfie by the Fairhope Mural. Little did they know this was Delta territory.

If you happen to find yourself accidentally in a Delta marked area, don't run. They'll catch you. Just try your best to blend in and go unnoticed. You could try wearing a Hounds-tooth trench coat, holding a Starbucks Unicorn Frappuchino, and flashing an overly optimistic smile possibly. Be safe out there.

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  1. concerned about all the burglaries in Fairhope. Are these people being caught and punished?


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