Monday, January 8, 2018

Baldwin County unveils new plan for overhead roadway above Business 98, Calls it "Business Ninety-Great"

At a City Council meeting last Monday County Commissioner Chris Elliot revealed new plans for the county to build an overhead roadway that will supposedly begin in Fairhope and end at I-10. This roadway will be free of any traffic lights whatsoever, with a planned speed limit of 70. Although the elevated road will cost a lot of money, it should free traffic up significantly on Business 98, and assist in faster commuting times.

Mayor Wilson has even suggested that once the roadway is established, old Business 98 could be used specifically for joggers, cyclists, and golf carts. This could potentially free up traffic even more by encouraging pedestrian commuting within the city while simultaneously lowering healthcare costs in Baldwin county.

"Business Ninety-Great" was expected to raise some eyebrows and rile up naysayers, but to Elliot's surprise, everyone was immediately on board with the idea. Daphne officials have also voiced their approval with the project and Daphne Mayor Haygood has even offered to install a drive thru Moe's BBQ on the roadway in hopes to cut down on all the thru traffic.

If the new plan if approved, we can see construction begin as soon as 2020. With the growth continuing to surge in Baldwin county, we expect the plan to pass with 100% agreement across the board.

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