Wednesday, February 21, 2018

BREAKING: Protesters march against Dumbwaiter restaurant, demand it change to Smartwaiter.

At approximately 8am Wednesday morning
 protesters flooded the streets surrounding all locations of Dumbwaiter restaurant in Mobile and Fairhope locations. The crowd of restaurant workers and supporters were seen in costume and holding signs demanding justice for the wait staff. Talking with one of the leaders of the protest, she made it clear that no waiter should be labeled "Dumb" no matter if it is true or not.

TFI consulted a national historian, David Wrigley, who gave us some interesting insight into the name "Dumbwaiter", and it may not be what you expect. The term Dumbwaiter actually refers to a small elevator-like device historically used in large home to deliver meals. For some reason the families relished in making fun of the small elevator, calling it names, and sometimes physically abusing it. That's how the device ended up being labeled the Dumb Waiter. You can see now why restaurant workers would despise this name.

Some talks between Dumbwaiter management and protest leaders have commenced on twitter, and some progress has been made already. Both sides have agreed on either a name change to HotWaiter, TipYerWaiter, or Seeyoulateralligatorwaiter.

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