Friday, April 6, 2018

Local Man sues The Lucky Horseshoe Saloon after he visits club and does not "Get Lucky".

Popular dance venue The Lucky Horseshoe Saloon received an unwelcome phone call this week from the lawyers of a local gentlemen upset about his experience at the club. Apparently, Theodore Jenkins, a Daphne resident, visited the saloon last Friday expecting a fun night of square dancing, cocktails, and "Getting Lucky". Unexpectedly, by the time last call was announced Theodore had not yet attracted the attention of any of the attending cowgirls. This had Mr. Jenkins very upset, since the horseshoe in question is a "lucky" one, not a lonely and depressed horseshoe.
Theodore Jenkins

Jenkins lawyers are asking for a change in the saloons name, and $48 for costs spent on Miller Lite and for 4 Conway Twitty songs from the Jukebox. The Lucky Horseshoe has not responded to our questions, but may settle out of court with Jenkins.

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  1. Oh for cripes sakes, grow up, old man. And I'm 77 years old and have every right to say that to you.


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