Wednesday, April 11, 2018

"What's Happening in Fairhope" spin-offs are reaching new highs, and new lows.

The ever popular Facebook page "What's Happening in Fairhope"
has been the topic of much controversy in the area for the last several years. It's been the central meeting point for locals (mostly out-of-towners, really) to debate hot topics in the area and to also call each other fun names and destroy businesses too. The Moderators certainly have their hands full trying to calm upwards of 19,000 members now, a task I wouldn't want. Of course, your'e not going to please everybody, and the result is many members have branched off forming their own Fairhope Groups (although they all stay on WHIF). The amount of new Fairhope based group pages is now comical, and fits ever niche you can imagine.

The top group after WHIF as far as members go is "What's Happening in Fairhope without the BS", which I believe references to large number of Bologna Sandwich photos in WHIF. This group is meant to provide a welcoming place for locals, without the of all the Bologna Sandwich pictures. My only complaint is that this page that is supposed to represent the town, seems more of a means to promote the creators personal business (more power to ya', though).

Whatever page you decide to pledge your allegiance to, remember that most of these posts are common to any town, and don't give you a clear representation of the beautiful town of Fairhope. If you want to really know what's happening here... log off of Facebook and head downtown!

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