Tuesday, May 1, 2018

City of Faihope in talks with Mobile about trading Sunset with Sunrise for a change of scenery

One thing that draws locals and tourists alike to the beautiful Fairhope Pier is the lovely sunset that occurs almost daily. Facebook feeds are generally flooded with said sunset photos, often with stunning shades of reds, yellows, and oranges. Sadly though, many people are starting to complain to the city about the lack of vibrant colors during the morning, and morning visitor numbers are down for morning hours as well at the pier and surrounding parks.

Well, Mayor Wilson met early this morning with Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson to discuss a possible trade this year so that Moblians can finally experience the fiery evening sunsets, and Fairhope can wake up to glorious crisp Sunrises for once. The engineering feats of pulling this trade off will be spectacularly hard, but Mayor Stimpson believes that if they were able to put such a large tunnel underwater in Mobile, surely they can reverse the direction of the Sun.

The City Council has proposed that if the deal does not go through, their is an option of attaching giant mirrors to the Starboard of the Carnival Cruise line so that we can at least see the reflection.

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