Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fairhope's "Beach Park" to start charging geese $20 entry fee starting Memorial Day.

After a sweeping vote by the Fairhope City Council and the Mayor Fairhope will begin a steep price hike for entering the beach park to all visiting Canadian Geese. The price per admission was a big slap in the beak to the geese, who were paying 0 dollars for admission previously. To worsen the blow, Mayor Wilson announced that local ducks will not require any admission fee if they show an attached city sticker. The Geese claim that the separating of the bird species is "Birdcist" and discriminates against Geese and Canadians alike. The City has responded to the geese's Tweets, or Honks as they call them, by showing photos of Goose Feces on the beach, and citing this problem as the reason for the price hike. Councilman Jack Burrell tweeted that the city spent upwards of $4k last year on disposing of the feces.

After a week of hostile bickering between the two groups the City has amended the bill, allowing for groups of geese entering the park in the classic "V" formation to pay a group fee of only $5 per head. Along with this amendment, the City has added funding in the bill to add signs along the park instructing birds to not feed the Yankees, as it's bad for their health and renders them hostile.

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