Thursday, May 24, 2018

Rabies spreads quickly through Rock Creek. City places neighborhood in Quarantine.

After Three Baldwin County Residents were bitten by a rabid fox this week, City Officials announce an epidemic of Rabies in the Rock Creek Community. Although Rabies is treatable with a series of daily injections, the disease has spread too rapidly to safely handle this quickly. It's not clear how the Rabies spread so fast through Rock Creek, but some believe the virus was spread through an infected batch of Arnold Palmer's at the Clubhouse.

Rabies can be identified through the classic symptoms of increased salivation, aggressiveness, and severe muscle spasms. One strange effect is that it seems to be helping the golf game for many of the Rock Creek golfers, increasing their drive distances and intimidating their opponents. Be warned, if you spot a golf cart driving erratically with drooling occupants please keep a safe distance.

The quarantine should only last for several months and will hopefully curb the spread of rabies  through Baldwin County. Many of the residents are not even bothered by the barricading of the neighborhood either, since Publix is officially a part of Rock Creek and is confined as well. It's also worth noting that a large majority of the residents are retired, and are not aware of the current predicament. For them, life should go on as normal.

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