Monday, May 28, 2018

As Fairhope greenspace quickly runs out, The City looks at placing a 500 home development on Fairhope's Pier.

As our city grows and grows, developers search for new areas that can be cleared to add new communities, and reap the benefits. Now after several years of strong growth and development, we are simply running out of room. A 900 home sub-division was recently cancelled on highway 181, leaving contractors in a scramble to find a new area to build quickly. Then, a genius architect William Mullaney stepped up to the plate with a bid to load up Fairhope Pier with as many as 500 "Tiny Homes". Several different ideas were considered before the City finally agreed on one: a tiny 1 room bungalow with a nautical theme that only takes up 15 square feet.

The tiny home with be built onto the edges parallel to the main walkway and down the sides as well, as to not hinder the pedestrian and tourists on the main path. Each home will start selling for around 25 million, depending on the proximity to land (the further out in the bay the more expensive).  

Following in the likes of the ever popular Rock Creek, the new community, which will known as the Sea n' Suds District, this sub-division will have it's very own Publix grocery located in the end of the pier where local generally fish. To appease the fisherman, the tiny Publix will offer discounts on all fresh* seafood items (* fresh from Indonesia last month).


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