Tuesday, June 12, 2018

TFI EATS: Best French Fries in Fairhope!

1. Bone & Barrel 

These crispy and flaky fries are a little unusual, but very good. I'm not sure how one goes about getting this shape out of a potato. I imagine Drew Brees maybe throwing a perfect Spud Spiral while trained ninjas slice and dice with razor sharp katanas.

2. Panini Pete's

Peter Panini serves up a heapin' helpin' of his shoestring fries on every basket in his downtown namesake joint. They're super skinny, and best eaten with the "Claw" technique, clawing up a big scoop in one hand and devouring what you can fit in your potato hole.

3. Thyme Downtown

The house Truffle Fries are worth coming in to eat just by themselves, and the special truffle aioli that comes with it is like liquid gold. In fact, I like to dab a bit of the truffle aioli on my neck and wrists before a big date.

4. Fairhope Bar & Grill

FBG serves up those battered style fries that make me want to procreate with Mrs. Potatohead. They're just asking for some 

 5.  Ox Kitchen

This is my personal fav. Very well seasoned with lots of crunch and big portions. I have yet to try the fully loaded "Ox Fries" because I don't want to spend the rest of my life looking back at these times as "the good years".

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