Monday, June 25, 2018

Top Ten free things to do near Fairhope for kids!

Being a parent is tough these days. I know, because I've raised up three feisty cats and one mischievous opossum. You have to dish out a hundred bucks for any form of entertainment it seems, which can really hurt the ol' wallet after a while. That' why I've collected my top spots in the area for good old fashioned fun that doesn't cost a dime! I'll list them off in accordance to my opossum's favorite to least favorite.

#1- Alligator Walk

Although you have to drive up to Daphne I believe it's worth the trip. Walk up and down the boardwalk as real alligators careen down the creek, looking at you with their cold dead eyes. Nothing is holding these critter back if you go over, so be sure to bring Boudreux's Brand Gator Repellent.

#2- Week's Bay Pitcher Plant Bog

Week's Bay is home to a rare and beautiful plant known as the Pitcher Plant. The plant got it's name after former Houston Astros Pitcher Nolan Ryan lost a finger to the Venus Fly Trap-esque plant, ending his long career. You can walk along Fish River surrounded by all kinds of native wildlife as you pay your respects to Nolan Ryan.

#3- Duck Pond

As long as you bear the highly coveted Fairhope City Sticker you can access the town's Duck Pond beach area, located next to the pier. This is the premier social hub for ducks and geese from all around the continent, and holds a nice white bridge that was built specifically for family photos. I'm not sure if your'e allowed to feed the Canadian Geese at the pond, but City law forbids starting a conversation with them about Hockey or Justin Trudeau. 

#4- Fairhope Pier

As you exit Duck Pond be sure to swing right over to the pier for a nice breezy walk or a round of cast net fishing. You may see an exciting show if one of the fisherman catches the big one, just make sure your opposum/kid doesn't eat anyone's catch. They get awful angry when that happens.

#5- Panini Pete's

I know what your'e thinking. "Wait. You said this was free stuff!". Well, let me elaborate please. Peter Panini is known for his NOLA style Beignets, which are covered in a Scarface amount of powdered sugar. If you wait for a table to clear, your kids/opossum can have free reign over the leftover sugar on the table. The waitresses will thank you. 

#5- Fairhope City Park

Your idea of fun may not be a hundred kids running around at breakneck speeds in unknown trajectories, but you'll be able to knock out a few hours easily at the city park. Between the splash pad and the new improved playground equipment suitable for all ages, you can even get a good nap in. If you don't think you can handle this, head over the Book Cellar for a Moscow Mule beforehand.

 #6- Weeks Bay Reserve

Just before Fish River on 98 you'll find the Weeks Bay Reserve tucked away on the right hand side. There's miles of boardwalk expanding out of the woods around the bay, and a beautiful view of the marshy side of Fish River. There's a display of the local animals inside to educate and delight the young minds of kids and opposums or cats.

#7- Mosher Castle

What once was a castle belonging to an evil witch, now belongs to a not evil human family who definitely doesn't use the castles old charm to sway young children into the door to be turned into a delicious stew for them to consume that evening. There definitely is not a group of naked pagan witches that dance around the castle every full moon at midnight whose shadows cast on the castle walls resembles goats and beasts more than that of  human figures. Definitely. 

#8- Page & Palette 

The Page & Palette is a wonderful place to bring the kids if your'e in the downtown area and need a break from the sun. Let the kids check out the toys and books while you grab a cocktail through the convenient Book Cellar window and browse book yourself. If you're not a drinker, mosy over and get yourself a coffee and Latte Da, still close enough to your kids to not be considered child neglect. If your'e lucky, you may be able to see a live band or get to talk with a local author who can give you advice about proper grammar and how to use smarter words.

#9-  The Scenic Endurance Trail

Fairhope has the luxury of having a paved endurance trail spanning from the beginning of Mobile Street to the Grand Hotel. Perfect for running, rollerblading, or taking the kids for an easy bike cruise, you'll sure be able to wear them out good. Maybe the kids will go to bed early tonight too (that will not happen though).

#10- Disc Golf

Fairhope has an excellent 18 "hole" disc golf course by the Rec Center. If you've never played this fun game before, you probably have but just got too stoned to remember. The full course is well over a mile, which takes you through fields and woods around the Fairhope High stadium. You will have to fork over some cash to get a disc, but once you have one or ten, your'e set for life.

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  1. do you have to bring up Mosher and Wilson?...they make people want to leave Fairhope...they're are our towns DIStractions...


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