Monday, July 2, 2018

Fairhope Hardee's closes, soon to be new Bank, Coffee shop, Gourmet Restaurant hybrid.

After the sudden shutting down of the historic Fairhope Hardee's, entrepreneurs leaped in to sweep up the valuable empty space. That doesn't mean you won't be able to enjoy a delicious burger from this building though. Word on the street is that a group of investors have sought to purchase the building and open up a new business, the first of it's kind too. A bank that serves gourmet coffee and food.

Some of you have heard of the southern bank branch BB&T. This is a subsidiary of that corporation that will be named BB&T&C&F (Bank Branch and Trust and Coffee and Food.). The company is happy to be deriving profits now from not only mortgage interest payments, but also on rare worldly coffees and Eats.

The Bank will staff two classically trained chefs serving up a blend of Asian Fusion and gourmet Southern fare. This will be a white tablecloth setting and reservations are nearly mandatory. The unique arrangement of businesses all under one roof allows for you to eat a luxurious meal, and at the same time take out a personal loan to pay for it.*

*personal loans start at 7.99%APR for first year and are subject to change thereafter. All loans pending credit approval and brand of handbag. 


  1. This sounds, I mean


  2. Are you kidding ?
    I think so ?
    There is a more reasonable rumor abounding .

  3. What year did this location open?


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