Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Fairhope to open many new banks in the form of dirty mattresses you can stuff cash into.

With new banks opening up in Fairhope every day, some investment groups have found an untapped market in people who don't trust banks. For those people, new banks are coming in the form of dirty old mattresses where you can hoard your cash. All over town these mattresses will be dumped in areas convenient to you, so that you can drop your cash and go. Just be sure to put your cash into an envelope with your name on it so you can find it again in a few years.

For those who don't feel secure hiding your cash in a mattress, another option is an old Maxwell House coffee can located on a newspaper box by Julwin's restaurant. The can has a plastic lid to protect you hard earned dollars from rain and birds. The whole new banking system is brought to you by M&M Bank, which stands for Mattresses & Maxwell-house-

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