Thursday, October 25, 2018

Fairhope prepares to vote for new government system, may become Monarchy.

On November 6th, Fairhopers will set out to vote to either keep or change our current mayoral government system. If the proposed bill passes we will set to crown a King of Fairhope, who will reside in Mosher Castle forevermore. Currently, polls are showing a strong favoritism towards the Monarch system, and city officials have already started to make plans for the many changes to come.

Firstly, the new King will be elected by a jousting tournament which will take place at the Polo Fields. The winner will take residence in Mosher Castle and have personal protection from a new division of the Fairhope PD called the Knights of the Roundabout table. These special guards will have the special privilege of protecting the King while serving the city performing various quests. The quest of the holy Mardi Gras cup was unsuccessful last year, but the Knights hope to be victorious if the bill passes.

Be sure to do your part this November and vote in the upcoming election. Whether or not you stand for a monarchy or just a boring old system it's your responsibility as a Fairhoper!

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