Friday, November 16, 2018

Official Guide to Fairhope's Los Tacos!

1. Every order is a lottery.

Don't be surprised if you get home only to realized your order is wrong. This is the norm. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, just think of every visit as a fun surprise! 

       2.  Mucho Macho, baby!

For only $7.99 you can come home with this Goliath Burrito big enough to feed the whole family. Also great if you have to replace a baby on a booby-trapped pedestal Indiana Jones style (trust me I know.). 

3. Know Your Meat.

 Only Gringo suckers come to Los Tacos and order chicken and beef. For the best bang for your buck, stuff your tacos with Al Pastor (a pineapple infused pork cooked on a spit), Lengua (tongue), Carnitas (braised, then fried pork chunks), and Cabeza (head meat.). This is the stuff your tongue dreams about....

                      4. Horchatta.

Don't wast your lunch drinking Coke. Order some tasty, milky, cinnamonny, vannilla-y Horchata. It tastes like drinking milk straight from the teat of a chocolate cow.

5. Secret Food.

I've been eating here for quite a while, and it still surprises me how I find new food options that are availabe that aren't on the drive thru menu. Fish Tacos for one are really great with a special sauce on the side made of who knows what. There seems to be a whole plethora of pictures of food on the inside wall that may or may not be available to order. I pretty much just ask for some crazy food each time and am surprised when they give it to me- Peking Duck, Beef Wellington, Shaved Truffles over artisan Ravioli. They do it all!

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  1. the goliath looks like something you might find beached in antarctica ... he may want to shoot it first...


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