Monday, November 12, 2018

Single Tax Colony plans to raise tax rate on all single people in Fairhope.

Fairhope was the first colony in America to implement a "Single Tax" back in the 1890's. The economical system placed high tax rates on all single people, raising city funds and increasing marriage rate at the same time. Since then, Fairhope has continued the time honored tradition in certain historic districts in town led by the Single Tax Cooperation. This October, the members voted to raise the tax rate on all single people in town either unwed or divorced by rates as much as 15%. This has led to a surge in eloping and "hooking up" in the community, which has many concerned.

An opposing group has reported that the laws regarding the Single Tax are unclear, and they do not mention marriage in the original documents. In response, the City Council is in talks with the Single Tax Corporation to define single vs. in a relationship. Many ultra conservatives believe the law should only regard married vs. unmarried, but many modern thinkers believe a relationship has been sealed after a few dates and a status change via Facebook.

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