Thursday, April 4, 2019

Alabama to finally begin State Lottery, chooses Shirley Jackson as director.

Millions of Alabamians rejoice as the state finally opens up the legality of gambling in the form of a State Lotto. When looking for an experienced head of the new department, Gov. Ivey and several officials chose Shirley Jackson, Author of the acclaimed story "The Lottery". The Government officials can't recall the fine details of the book, but anyone who wrote a whole book about a lottery ought to know more than most people. Ivey announced Tuesday that she's gone over some of the fine points of a new bill, and says she'll allow the winner to get "Stoned" , even with the strict medical marijuana laws here. Other officials are so excited about the proposal that they're thinking about starting a statewide Hunger Games too, stating that it could end hunger throughout the state.

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