Friday, July 12, 2019

Local Driftwood Factory "Home Woods" thought to be cause of Fairhope growth.

Every year thousands of families re-locate to Fairhope from all over the globe. Many wonder where all of these newcomers work with such a small local job market. Some speculate that the world's largest driftwood art factory Home Woods located here might be the root to our rocketing economy.

Since Home Woods opened 5 years ago its workforce has grown 1000%, up to 15,000 employees now. More and more opportunists are moving to join Home Woods now that they offer a free Land Rover as a sign on bonus, on top of a generous salary. So what does Home Woods do exactly? Well, most of the staff is assigned to scrub up and down the eastern shore in search of driftwood, a precious commodity. The other 10% of the staff spend numerous hours hand crafting the wood into simple non-offensive art, which can be displayed in rental condos or within any coastal home.

A scandal nearly took the company out in 2017 as you may remember, when it was leaked by a whistleblower that much of the driftwood was not natural, and was simply sticks thrown into the bay to soak for a few minutes. With a the new CEO in place, it's changed it's policies to utilized only the driftiest wood, that has drifted for at least 1 season.

Many are concerned that if Home Woods keeps expanding, the city will not be able to keep up the the newcomers. A council meeting is arranged for Monday to discuss the matter, but several of the councilmen have been urged to recuse themselves as they have driftwood art displayed in their own homes.

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