Friday, August 9, 2019

Fairhope implements ban on geese sleeping in cars overnight.

The City of Fairhope stirred controversy again this week with its proposed ban on Canadian Geese sleeping in vehicles overnight, especially in the Duck Pond area. Many locals feathers are ruffled about the idea, as many of the geese have no other option. Canadian Geese famously fly together in groups in a "V" formation, a fact widely known, but few realize that they sleep mid-air in a "Z" pattern. This usually is no problem for geese, but the arrival of new airports in the area have made it unsafe to fly all night while asleep. As a response, many geese now sleep in unlocked cars around town during most nights. This has been a major problem for many residents, as they keep their guns in their unlocked cars and are afraid of the geese unknowingly firing the guns by accident. The law is expected to pass this week without interruption, but no solution to the problem has presented itself yet.


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