Thursday, September 19, 2019

City releases plan for Volanta Cat Park alongside Dog Park after complaints from local cat owners.

Fairhope Cat Owners have for many years felt disgruntled about the obvious speciesism against felines
. The City places emphasis on it's love for dogs hosting many canine charities, parades, and dog friendly activities, while simultaneously sticking their rear ends up at cat owners. Several hundred dollars went in to the construction a Dog Only park on Volanta Street where cats are shunned and sometimes chased away from the gates by chihuahuas.

As a result of many petitions, Mayor Wilson has begun the development of a Cat Park alongside the Dog Park with many cat friendly amenities such as: Laser lights, Cat Towers, litter pools, and free roaming mice. The best feature, thanks to generous local furniture stores, is a plethora of expensive couches and chairs that the cats are welcome to completely destroy.

Look for the construction to begin this week, but don't expect it to be finished soon, as several street cats are sitting in front of the bulldozer as we speak, and don't seem likely to move any time soon.

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