Monday, September 23, 2019

TFI Food Review: Murdering my appetite @ Cereal Killer!

I often find myself roaming around Fairhope on a Saturday with the sole intention of expending my kid's energy, so that soon after we can all take naps. That's why I consistently find myself at The Mill, a funky warehouse with a kids play area and several small restaurant venues, located Downtown Fairhope. Once inside, I unlock my children's leashes and watch as they fade into the crowd of the other playing kids. Now it's time to chow.

The Mill has always been home to some of my favorite eats. It's really quite stressful for me to choose, and like a sensitive dog or parrot, the stress of choosing sometimes causes me to lose my hair and feathers. I chose Cereal Killer though, because they're the hippest new place in town, and by "Hippest" I mean they slightly scare the elderly. The culinary craftsmen Wade Price is the brains behind Cereal Killer and has come up with some gluttonous but worth-it sandwiches. Wade had spent his early years working with the FBI, and had an Holmes-esque knack for catching the country's worst criminals all with his masterpiece dishes. He once nearly brought down the Zodiac Killer with a Po-Boy, but the experience made him question his future and safety, so the next week he came to Fairhope and opened up shop. We don't know for sure if that is true exactly, but no one has yet denied it.
Ted Bundy, former Killer apprehended with a Po-Boy.

The Breakfast Banh Mi sandwich is a stack of Smoked Brisket, honey habanero aioli, slaw, liver pate, and jalepenos all on a French Baguette. This paired with the Truffle Tots and Killa Tots made for a epic meal that made my Cardiologist's spidey senses tingle with anxiety. This place really should be called Cereal and Lunch and Supper Killer because your'e not going to have room for any more food again today. The brisket was so tender and juicy that I had to go to the bathroom and give myself a sponge bath in the sink  after I had made such a mess of myself.

I felt bad for cheating on my friends at Ox Kitchen so I was obligated to stop by and pick up some Brussels Sprouts. For future reference: Brussels Sprouts are SUPER HEALTHY so if you eat them it pretty much negates the pound of greasy brisket you just ate.

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