Thursday, October 3, 2019

Grand Hotel offers to send your ashes off by cannon fire. For premium rate will shoot them into Bellingrath Gardens.

For those of us that wish to take less of a toll on the earth in the form of cremation after our inevitable demise, The Grand is now offering a very special deal. For only $399, The hotel will fire your remaining ashes into Mobile Bay and you can be your very own Jubilee. This is an appealing idea for sea lovers who after years of fishing Mobile Bay want to give back to the shrimp that sustained them all these years. Others just can't afford the rapidly escalating price of burial plots in Fairhope after many have scooped them up to place Tiny Homes on them. Either way, the price is tempting and gives your loved ones the opportunity to partake in the Grand's daily Tea Time ceremony while watching your ashes evaporate into the famous pink sunset. The deluxe package ($999), comes with a handmade urn from Tom Jones Pottery, and fires your ashes directly into Bellingrath Gardens across the bay.

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