Wednesday, October 30, 2019

New found tribe of Native People found in Point Clear fight City Council to keep their home.

Point Clear, AL- News broke last week that a newly discovered tribe of Natives were discovered in an area of Point Clear. Two young boys happened to be chasing their dog through the woods when they noticed a campfire in the distance, and once they got closer discovered a strange and delightful tribe of young people who spoke in only song and dance. Once the news got out that their was possible new land to grab, developers began to try and scoop up the property for condos.

Last night at the Fairhope City Council meeting, the tribe came forth to protest in the form of song and dance, mostly using the tale of a lion cub as a metaphor for their recent struggles. The audience was captivated by the performance and gave them a standing ovation, which the tribe took as a threat, leading to all out warfare in the building.

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