Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Fairhope lowers downtown traffic by requiring students to commute via Vape Clouds.

In a major change to current downtown traffic laws the Fairhope government has decided against allowing student parking around Coastal Community College downtown. This will open up many spots for tourists and downtown shoppers throughout the week, but CCC is fighting back against the ruling stating that the change could hurt next year's enrollment numbers. The students this week are showing that they don't seem to mind however. If you look out in the streets this morning you may be startled to find a fleet of clouds navigating downtown. The clouds come from the newest innovation from JUUL Technologies, the company that started the vaping boom. The "Clouds" from the newest vape pen are thick enough to support the thicc-est student, and each cloud can be steered telepathically through the streets. This has already stirred up some controversy as some citizens think the clouds should require license plates.

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