Friday, May 8, 2020

Not to be outdone, Christ the King hires Charles Barkley as pee-wee basketball coach after rival school nabs NFL Star Phillip Rivers.

FAIRHOPE (AL)-  The sports world was stunned this morning when 17 year NFL veteran Phillip Rivers announced his soon coming retirement and plans to coach the high school football team at St. Michael Catholic school in Fairhope. The news is surely going to draw hundreds of new students with aspirations to be coached by an NFL legend. This of course is bad news for rival Daphne school Christ the King who has been reeling, trying to secure their own superstar coach. After talk went sour with the ghost of Bear Bryant for the football team, Charles Barkley signed a multi million dollar contract to coach the pee wee basketball team for the next 3 years. Christ the King didn't expect to sign such a star, but thought they'd attempt a "Hail Mary".

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