Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Retirement Community known as Fairhope will soon construct a new "Non-Retirement Community" for people under 70.


One of the largest retirement communities in the U.S known as Fairhope, Alabama will be opening it's doors to people under 70 next year. Fairhope is a 20,000 member Retirement Center disguised as a real picturesque town nestled on the Gulf Coast. Now, you can have your chance to move into Fairhope, as they're opening a spot for working class families.  The "Non-Retirement Community" will house up to 50 working families within it's gate once its fully constructed in 2022. The families, which will be known as "whippersnappers", will enjoy the benefits of the facility such as a Tik Tok dancefloor, Wifi, and many Instagramable scenes scattered about. The community, which will be called Millennial Acres, will also act as a Zoo of sorts, allowing other Fairhope residents to visit and watch the working age "Whippersnappers" go about their lives. 

The decision to allow Millennial Acres to break ground was a widely celebrated decision by the Council, due to a lack of working class in the city. When you have such a large Retirement Community,  you need workers to staff the facilities within, like all of the pretend restaurants planted within the fake city. Currently, all spots are taken for Millennial Acres. 

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