Monday, December 7, 2020

Fairhope Community outraged over newly erected billboard at Bay Fountain.


A newly placed billboard has been erected near the Fairhope Pier this morning causing mass hysteria and concern. Locals report having no input or forewarning from the City. A representative for the council announced that the billboard was purchased by the Shunnarah law group and rented out indefinitely for a hefty sum.  The newly elected Mayor Sullivan announced that the rent from the billboard will help fund the extending of Fairhope Pier another 200 feet into Mobile Bay. 

1 comment:

  1. Remove that crap from our pier. We don't visit the pier to view some damn lawyer's billboard. Every Baldwin County citizen should be appalled that the view has become commercialized. The American people are fed up with pompous politicians making decisions that impact our daily lives without giving us the opportunity to have a say in the matter. Get rid of the sign! Or get rid of those responsible for the unilateral decision.


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