Saturday, May 29, 2021

Loxley Zoo adds new House Cat Exhibit. Now has up to 3 live animals and one formerly alive animal in collection.


Touted as the most premier Zoo in the Loxley area not counting the Wal-Mart after 10 p.m, the official Loxely Zoo established in 2019 has now added one more animal to the collection, an orange house cat named Garfield. The cat stumbled upon the property unsuspecting of the zoo, but when one of the animal handlers saw the cat, it was too late. She was officially added along with a dog and a blackbird that comes and goes as he pleases, perhaps never really the same bird. The collection also includes a stuffed squirrel,  an imaginary giraffe conjured up by the owner's daughter that only she can see and talk to, and a tire rescued off of highway 59. Admission has been raised to $3, $1 per live animal, to cover costs of feeding and housing. The Zoo opens the new exhibit immediately,  just knock on the van's door and ask for Tammy. 

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