Friday, September 17, 2021

Many disappointed after finding out upcoming Chris Stapleton concert actually just Chris, from Stapleton.


Thousand in the south Alabama area rushed to purchase tickets to see Chris Stapleton at the Wharf late September hoping to get a chance to see the  Grammy Winning country music artist live. Now that the tickets are sold out many are discovering that the artist scheduled is actually just a local man, Chris, from the town of Stapleton, Al. Not only that, but the concert appears to not even take place at the venue known as the Wharf, but actually just being set up in the parking lot outside of the Wharf. Chris is new to the music scene, and until this Summer, never even played an instrument, but after having more downtime due to COVID, he picked up a guitar and found a new passion. Chris has only learned a few easy songs, but is expected to play some of his greatest hits, such as: "The opening to Stairway to Heaven, very slow", "Half of Wonderwall ", and his most famous "Tuning the Guitar for 30 Minutes".

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