Thursday, September 2, 2021

Local businesses Dragonfly Foodbar and Dragonfly Emporium collaborate with new "Antique Tacos" for Halloween Season.


Two of the hottest Fairhope Businesses in their own realm named after the insect that's named after the mythical beast Dragonfly Foodbar and Dragonfly Emporium have collaborated this season to bring us a rare, vintage '77 era taco served in an antique wooden box for the Halloween Season. The two entrepreneurs got together to brainstorm about collaboration ideas years ago without luck, but that all changed once a shipwreck in the Gulf was discovered containing hundreds of rare tacos from a 1977 Taco Bell that were almost still edible. The owner of Dragonfly Foodbar realized that the Taco Bell tacos, which are know as cheap and poor quality tacos, had developed an array of new and exotic flavors from the aging process in the sea, and a green coating that had a funk similar to that of Kimchi. The Tacos won't last long and can be purchased at either business all through October. 

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