Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Running Wild now offering Point Clear footwear, the shoe made exclusively for Point Clear residents.


For too many years residents of the Lakewood Community have had to live their lives using shoes that fail to meet their daily needs. Starting this week however, the On Cloud shoe brand will offer the residents a sneaker made to fit their specific daily needs and will be offered at Running Wild Fairhope with verification of address via I.D or Lakewood Country Club membership documentation. The R&D Team at On Cloud designed the "Point Clear" to tackle the roughest sections of scenic 98, the gravel parking lot of Chive Talkin', and softest fairways of the golf course, all without sacrificing sleek branding, and cool squishy soles. Better yet, On Cloud is also working with doctors at Thomas Hospital, and for a small fee, your baby can even be born wearing his or her Point Clears so they can stun the other babies with style and panache.  

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