Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Camellia Cafe set to reopen with focus on gourmet Mexican and Southern fare.


The premiere restaurant for gourmet and trendsetting food in Fairhope has decided to expand their menu into the world of authentic Mexican and Kentucky based foods. Head Chef Anthony Boudin released a statement Monday stating that he wanted to focus on his passion for hyper regional foods from small towns in Mexico, for instance, the town of Matehuala that makes their beloved Crunch Wrap Supreme with a traditional filling of Flaming Hot Cheetos, just like Abuelita used to make. Camellia Cafe isn't just serving Mexican fare however, they will also specialize in mouth watering fried chicken from the Bluegrass Provence of Kentucky. The chickens are hand selected by the chef, and raised on a strict diet of Bourbon and basketball, and will be paired with a biscuit chosen by a Buttermilk Sommelier. Reservations will be required as usual, so be sure to book ahead for your family before you come through the newly installed drive-thru.

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